Sunday, March 02, 2003

Well, my niece liked her scarf. I then mentioned that I could make her a matching headband for it. She said "why don't you do it now", so I dug out the useless last issue of Knitters and cast on for the headband. I could have thought it up myself but I knew that pattern was in there so at least the magazine was used for something. I knit it that night and gave it to her the next day. It was a little big so I folded it over and sewed it down. Fits fine now and she is happy. Haven't seen her wearing it yet, though. About 10 more inches on the afghan and that will be done. Yippee. Dug out the pattern for my nephews sweater but won't start that yet, don't feel like digging through the buckets for the yarn. I am trying to figure out what to spend some Xmas/Bday money on knitwise. Should spend it on bills since I was laid off 10 months ago and still no job but since it was a gift, I would like a little something for me. But, nothing is calling to me that isn't in my stash. Well, maybe a pair of shoes but that isn't knitting. Maybe some Baabajoes Wool Pak 8 ply for a pattern I have in the pattern stash but I also have stash that would work for that. Decisions, decisions. I hope to go to a Knitters Breakfast at Fabric Place next weekend and use a gift certificate I got for Xmas. I keep checking the weather before I sign up for it. Maybe that will fill my need to shop. Plus I have the Wool Connections Ewephoric Weekend at the end of the month to go to. I usually find something there. That's about it from here.


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