Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18, 2010

I'ts April 18th and my Xmas Cactus is blooming.  I found it entertaining to see it bloom this weekend as I still haven't taken it out of the foil wrapper that advertises it as an Xmas Cactus.  I must have bought it on sale after Xmas and I can't remember if it had a bloom at that time or not. 

Knitting wise, the Openwork Socks by Charlen Schurch out of Berocco Sox are done.  Yeah, next up are some Knitspot socks with a short row heel that I haven't tried yet.  My first three pairs all had a heel flap.

The Mondo Cardi is still coming along.  I must have less than 4 inches to go but I haven't measured it in a while.  Still only managing a few rows a day depending on the draw of the sock.  The Gloria Scarf lunch knitting is still coming along.  I think I am on square 5 or 6 now.  I'm still reading the Yarn Harlot book and am not sure which book will be next.  I have a nice stack of books in the den that I am slowly working my way through.

My sister needed beads and yarn this weekend so we met up around 10 AM on Saturday.  She had to go get her hair cut so that was the first stop.  Then she had to stop at a friends to pick up her scrapbooking order.  Then we stopped for lunch at Rein's Deli which I had heard rave revues about but never been to.  It was interesting, not like I expected at all.  I never saw so many people lined up to sit and eat, do take out or actually work behind the scenes at a restaurant.  From there we hit the bead store where I picked out some beads for some beaded socks in about 5 minutes.  We then spent about an hour for her to pick out some beads to add to a vest she made.  When we finally left there we went to a YS where she scored some Noro for 40% off. (we spotted it a few weeks ago).  I told her it was a good deal and that Noro isn't often on sale around here.  I bought two skeins of some sock yarn that I had never seen before.  We then were supposed to stop at the house of her work friend (she knits) who was having a jewelry show.  My sister thought we could slip in and it would be almost over.  People were late and it didn't start till after we got there.  She dropped me off after that and I had 2 errands to run and got home after 5.  I was exhausted and didn't feel well.  My minor medical procedure from a few weeks ago wasn't the cure the dr thought so now I think I will be visiting a surgeon soon.  Not looking forward to that but this has been an on and off thing since February so I would rather just have it fixed up as I am tired of being in pain.

It's been raining (mostly lightly) the past few days but the sun was in and out today so I went out to visit some tulips that my father planted for me.  I had bought the bulbs from fundraiser for a co-worker's little girl.  They are Apricot color and are starting to open.  I can't wait to see them in full bloom.


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