Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

Tulips from my ex-brother in law.  He brought 4 planters of tulips, I got purple, my mother got pink, my sister got purple and my niece took pink.  He stops over every Easter (and sometimes Christmas day) to see his kids (and my parents also) and has started bringing flowers every year.  Tulips are my favorite so I love these. 

Knitting wise, I finished the baby hat so pictures soon of the sweater and hat.  I finished the heel on sock 1 of the Berocco Sox yarn.  The Mondo Cable Cardi is slowly coming along.  I started a Gloria Scarf (Lion Brand pattern I wandered across on Ravelry) for lunch knitting as I needed something quick and didn't have time to go through the stash in the cellar.  I wound some Great Adirondeck yarn (that was in a hassock in the den) and quickly started that.

No shopping this weekend except a few Loopy Ewe boxes that arrived this week.  I had to have a minor procedure done at the dr on Friday as they fit me in but it left me in pain and no desire to go anywhere.  I felt bad as my niece wanted me to go shopping for some stuff for her new apartment Saturday but I was in pain and didn't feel up to it.  Hopefully, it will all be healed up for the coming weekend as my sister is ready to go looking for beads and more yarn on Saturday morning.

I hope everyone has a great week.  The weather is due to be nice till the end of the week.  I have off tomorrow but will be back at work on Tuesday so I hope to get some more knitting done tomorrow.


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