Monday, September 28, 2009

Franklin County Fiber Twist

Saturday in Greenfield, MA with perfect weather. My mother and I started out at about 9:40 am for Greenfield. Took about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Traffic stopped for a tiny period in Springfield. Pictured is Kristin Nicholas's new book, 4 of her postcards (which I hope to frame and hang on the wall), a pair of earrings and a stitch marker (to become a necklace and an Xmas gift from my mother) from Glastonbury Glassworks and a matted photo of a sheep that will be framed. I also got a bead from Glastonbury Glassworks that is going to go on a cord.

We left there right about noon and headed south through awful traffic on 91 south through Ingleside (before Springfield) to get to Deep River, CT in time for their sale which ended at 4 pm. Lunch was a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts and then we arrived at the shop around 2. The shop doesn't have sales often so I had to find time to hit it. I ended up with enough Cotton Fleece for a sweater for me and then 2 skeins of Koigu for a scarf (most likely a gift) and then some sock yarn to make a baby sweater and another yarn (I want to guess Shaefer Irma but not sure) for a baby sweater. I spend Sunday re-arranging some of the stash and putting away any recent purchaces.

Work knitting is still the child's sweater, back is done, fronts almost done. Home knitting is the Selbu Modern. Should be done soon, I have hit the decreases on the crown. Next up is my mother's sweater. Yarn was pulled from the stash Sunday and she likes it. Sweater pattern choices have been narrowed to 3, now to see which one will meet gauge the best. My Xmas knitting will be mittens for my niece to go with a scarf that I made last year, my mothers sweater (though I warned her she may get it like last year - around Valentines day), and maybe a cowl for a friend. I think that is it. I have 5 gifts finished already. I have a stash of scarves already made and they are going to become some gifts or donated to charity.


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