Sunday, September 20, 2009

... an old doily

My father and I brought down my mother's hope chest from the attic this morning. My mother made this doily years ago. It now sits on the hope chest in my bedroom. My mother spent about 2 hours going through all the items that had been in there for years. There were a lot of baby sweaters and booties that my grandmother had made. Unfortunately, she never let my sister use them so now they will go back in for any children my niece may have. There was a crochet afghan that I have laid claim to and it will be going back in there for use in the future. They have a similar one at their cottage that my grandmother also made. The hope chest is bigger than I thought and has a drawer. The drawer is being repaired and then I will fill it up a bit each night or over the weekend.

I haven't started anything new. Still working on the Selbu Modern at home and the baby sweater at work. The MA fair is coming up this Saturday and I can't wait. I really don't need anything but love to look and see what is new.

We are still cleaning out the living and dining rooms of all the stuff that was taken out of my bedroom. I will have a bunch of stuff to go to either charity or flea market and my mother will start questioning if I still want to get rid of it. My answer has been yes, if it is in the pile it is going away. Feels good to get rid of some stuff.


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