Wednesday, March 03, 2004

My mothers sweater is finished except for the buttons being sewn on. The buttons I plan to use are currently on the sweater my mother wears around the house now. I made it about 20 years ago and it is a Paton's pattern out of Patons Diana. It really needs to be thrown out but my mother says she never buttons it so we can take the buttons off and I am sure she will keep it to wear around the house. I am also working on a peach scarf for her. She wanted a fuzzy scarf so I bought some yarn and am about a foot or more into it.

Now that the sweater is done, I plan to split my time between the Must Have and my Whitby Gansey.

I plan to visit a not so LYS on Saturday after my haircut. I haven't been since before the holidays so it should be fun. I want to look through the new Rowan and Jaeger books amoung other new books.


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