Thursday, March 11, 2004

My mother's cardigan is still buttonless. I found some in the button stash that I plan to use instead. They are a blueish color that I think looks really nice with the sweater.

Since then, I have finished my mothers Peach Techno Hair fuzzy scarf and also finished a garter stitch scarf from Morehouse Merino that I have been working on since I went there in 2002. A long time for a simple garter stitch scarf.

My knitting guild is having an auction this month so I have been digging through the stash to find stuff to donate. In one unmarked (most of my buckets are numbered and the yarn is listed in a notebook) bucket, I found a Patons Denim type yarn and pattern. The back and front were done. Then I ran out of yarn, begged on the web, found it in a town in another part of the state, paid for it, it was then passed on to a women in my town where I met up with her to pick it up. So, I started the sleeves and have about 3 inches done. I have since ordered some denim yarn on Elann.


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