Sunday, March 28, 2004

My Spring Fling (the Blue Blog) knitting is the Novel Tee from an old Berroco book. I am using some light to medium purple Berroco Cotton 100 and the sleeves and neck will be in a peach color. The back is done and I am about 6 inches up the front. After that I plan to make another summer sweater, more info about that later. I also took out some more Cotton 100 in a medium pink that is a coral color but more pink. I am trying to find something to add with it as I don't have enough of it on it's own, it will also be a Novel Tee which is supposed to be out of two yarns anyway.

Yesterday, I took 2 classes at the Ewephoric Weekend at the Wool Connection in Avon, CT. I took an Elongated Beaded Bag class with Judy Pascale and a Now You See It, Now You Don't with Jaya S. (can't think of her last name right now). Both are really nice. I have known Judy for years but Jaya is a sweetie, too. Very friendly and nice to chat with. I really enjoyed both of my classes and am very glad I took both this year.

I spent today searching the web for beading info and putting together an order for Elann. I am putting together something for my secret pal (well not so secret, as I emailed her from a knitting pal account and then stupidly signed my name, duh, what a dope I am after being so careful) and it has been fun picking up stuff. Of course, a few things have been a one for her, one for me type thing but it has been fun and I will enjoy the duplicates I am putting together for me, too.


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