Sunday, July 05, 2009

Flower Basket Scarf sized

This is the Flower Basket scarf version in some KFI Cashmerino for a co-worker. It was a fun, quick knit. Ulmus is now done and blocking.

I still haven't finalized my camp knitting. My room is being re-done (painted and maybe the floors redone) while I am away and I have had to clean out my room. Was a long job, found yarn I had forgotten I had bought. I really don't need to buy any ever again and I will still not knit it all up. It has got me planning many projects in my head. I also now can't find some needles and other stuff.

Anonymous had asked if I thought of making a "Shawl that Jazz". I had seen the pattern but haven't purchased it yet. I am also now liking the Milkweed Shawl and the Aestlight Shawl after finding them on Ravelry. There are just too many shawls that I want to knit, especially as I don't really wear them. I am thinking though that the shoulder shawls are a good fit as I would wear them to work over a turtleneck in the winter or over a tee in the summer as it is cool at work.

My camp knitting is now a Lavalette shawl for a co-worker as I have the yarn picked out and just need to wind it. I may start a Summer's End sweater for me in some Cascade 220 that I dug out of the stash this morning thinking to use it with another yarn for something else. I didn't like them together and it is enough for one of these sweaters. This may be it for me. The weather report so far has Thursday as being nice, Friday as hot, then the weekend is uncertain. Lavalette is light enough to work in the heat. I will have to finalize my decisions by Wednesday so I can get it all packed and ready to go.