Sunday, July 19, 2009

Knitting Camp 2009

I arrived home from Knitting camp last Sunday. Knitting camp was fun, it was colder than normal July weather on Thursday and Friday but the sun was shining Saturday and Sunday and it warmed right up by the time we left. There was a family of robins in one of the pavilions where we ate. We got to watch mama robin bring the babies worms while we were having lunch on Sunday. There were 3 babies in the nest but by the time I got my camera and came back to take pictures, only one little head was showing. The fashion show was great as usual, I go home with many more projects spinning around in my head. It is amazing how a sweater that may look so-so in the magazine looks great when it is knit up and in person. After seeing a Shawl That Jazz in person, I may have the perfect yarn in my stash to make one.

I ended up working on a Lavalette shawl and a Spring Things Shawl. I started a sweater but my gauge was off so I have abandoned that for now and have found 2 more possibilities for the yarn instead. I have about 25 more rows on the Lavalette but don't think it will be done for the recipient's birthday this week. I have a Calorimetry already made for her so she may just get that now. I will be giving the Flower Basket in the last post to a co-worker on Tuesday, her birthday was Friday but she won't be in till Tuesday.

At camp, I bought a kit for a cowl and some mitts and some Mini Moche that will become a shawl. I also bought 2 pair of earrings that a camp goer made. I also bought a knitting bag, fabric covered graph pad, little notion bag and a needle case from another vendor. I bought two other sizes of her bags when she was at camp 2 years ago (well I bought one at camp and had her make me a larger one). She didn't come last year so I was very happy to see her back as I love the colors of her bags.

My lunch knitting is still a scarf for the red scarf project, I have about a third of it done. It is mindless enough to work on during our shortened lunch hours for the summer.


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