Sunday, January 27, 2008

Baby Hat

This is a baby hat from Knit Simple Fall 2007. It is in the newborn size. The yarn is Rauma Baby yarn. It was a fun knit and is for a co-worker whose wife is expecting in March. I hope to also make a hat for a 1 year old for them to use next winter.

I have been knitting away at Hanami and hope to finish the basketweave section by the end of next weekend but I don't know if I will make it. I am not starting anything new until next week when I have to go to NYC for work and I will need some knitting for the bus. All my small projects are done and all I have on the needles now is Hanami, another shawl, a baby blanket and a felted bag.

I went to two YS's yesterday and picked up some yarn to make some hats for me. One shop netted me two skeins of Lambs Pride and two of Malabrigio Worsted (yummy). At the other shop I picked up needles, a pattern and yarn to make another baby hat and some sale yarn that I just had to have. It will eventually become a scarf.


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