Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year and Year's review

This is a Squatty Sidekick bag that I made my mother for Xmas. She now has about 4 felted bags from me. She requested a blue bag and approved the yarn though I don't think she remembers making the request.

All in all, I finished 60 items in 2007. Most of them small items but still, it is more than my totals for 2005 (about 38) and 2006 (about 55).

The breakdown is:

Baby Booties - 1 - these were a bust, didn't work right, thrown out.
Baby Sweaters - 4 - one EZ, two Plymouth pattern, one hooded top down.
Shrug - 1
Short Sleeved Cardigan - 1
Shawls - 3 - 1 large, 2 shoulder size.
Bracelets - 12 - counted as 1, these were for a co-worker's girl scout group, she was going to knit them but ran out of time.
Headbands - 5 - 2 Calorimetrys, 2 Cabled, 1 Lace.
Felted Bag - 1
Felted Mittens - 1
Scarves - 14
Wimple - 1
Hats - 19
Soap Sacks - 6
Dishcloths - 2

I would like to make at least one sweater for me this year. I have to make my nephew a sweater by June (graduation) or Sept (his birthday) and he isn't picky so he will be happy if he gets one whenever I get it done.

I start 2008 with the following on the needles:

Palindrome Scarf
Karita Scarf
Striped Felted bag
Baby Blanket
Show Your Colors Shawl

I don't plan on starting anything else until the two scarfs are done. They will be my work knitting. After that, I don't mind keeping the two shawls on the needles but can't start a new one until one of them is done. The felted bag is something I only work on occasionally, it isn't earmarked for anyone so I don't have a deadline for it. The baby blanket is one of about 4 baby gifts I have to get done so I will be finishing one and starting another as needed to make delivery.

I have 8 items that I have to rip out once as I find where I banished them all to. My goal is to find them and rip them by the end of January. Company is coming the next two weekends so I will get to it after that.

I wish everyone a very happy, healthy New Year!


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