Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rhinebeck - NY S&W

The day turned out nice and sunny, not too hot. While looking around the Spirit Trail booth, I learned that Clara Parkes would be signing her new book. I bought the book and waited in line to have my picture taken. Here I am with Shelia ( a friend of mine who has 4 patterns in the book) and Clara Parkes. I now have added one of Shelia's shawl patterns to my list to knit as soon as I finish up some other projects.

These are some of my purchases. A skein of Socks That Rock (I lucked out and went to the booth after the rush was over). Unlike last year, there were still skeins to choose from. I also bought the mug with skein and pattern kit at Autumn House. I guess I will have to learn to knit socks. The two tshirts are my Ravelry shirts that I ended up picking out at the fair.


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