Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fiber Twist - oh nope, I'll save that for tomorrow

Today, a friend at work went off with me in the rain to FiberTwist. We did that, and Webs and I'll post pictures of that tomorrow, too rainy to take any at the fair but I did do some shopping.

She spotted the Butterfly Conservatory on the way by so after Fiber Twist, we stopped there. So cool, we are planning to go back. I used up the batteries on the digital trying to get pictures of the blue butterflys. I downloaded what I was taking and I took over 80 before the batteries went. I knew at Rhinebeck that they were low but I wasn't planning on taking any except at Fiber Twist. Next time, I am bringing a fully loaded digital so I can try to take some in movie mode.

After that, we went to Yankee Candle which is why she went with me. She had never been. She enjoyed that place as she is a candle lover and is always buying them.
We ended up eating at a Cracker Barrel which was another first for her. Yum. Even in the rain, it was a fun day. We left at 9am and returned at 6pm.


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