Friday, October 01, 2004

Some new, some old

My nephew's sweater is done and he received it the week after his birthday at his party. He liked it and put it right on for his picture. I will probably never see it on him again but that is fine it will keep him warm if he wears it around his mothers house. Here is a picture of my nephew's sweater:

And here is a picture of my mother's Sophie bag.

I have started my nieces sweater which is out of some Austermann mohair that I got from Elann with the free pattern. Fun to knit after I swatched the pattern with another yarn a couple of times.

I have started a poncho from a Berroco pattern using Plymouth Encore yarn for my hairdresser's oldest daughter. I also plan to make one for her 5 month old. They will be Xmas presents for the girls. My hairdresser usually gets a scarf but she might get some felted mittens this year. These will be my lunch hour knitting.

I had also been doing a few rows on Whitby but not in awhile. I will get back to it soon.


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