Sunday, October 24, 2004

The two ponchos are done. I think I will make felted mittens for my hairdresser this year. I think the ones I am planning will blend with the scarf I made her last year. The neckband on the purple one kept flipping over so I made a braid today and sewed it on. I still need to go get the button next Saturday for the neckline on that one. I want to get the same button that I used on my mother's Sophie bag, I think the purple color is close but will check it out before I head a half hour away to go buy one $.50 button.

Here are the ponchos.

I've stopped my nieces sweater after I finished the back, she really doesn't like the feel of mohair (she was here with a mohair sweater on one day) and mentioned it. So, I dug back out the yarn I had planned for the Must Have and started a Knitting Pure and Simple top down cardigan for her. I am about 10 - 20 rows form splitting off the sleeves.

The body of Whitby is done but my 16" size 7 circulars are somewhere where I can't find them. So on Friday, after work, I headed to Fabric Place, no size 7 Susan Bates needles. I wasn't paying $13.50 for Addi's (which I really don't like the feel of, I don't know why) so I bought some patterns and yarn and that was it. Saturday, armed with a 40% off coupon for Joanne's, off I went again. No size 16" needles. Of to a yarn shop near there, only Addi's (Turbo's and Natura's) so home I went. I did order them online today so hopefully, the sleeves will be cast on next weekend.

The Doubleknitski hat will now be my lunch knitting now that the ponchos are done.

I almost forgot, but Rhinebeck was nice. I only saw a few people that I knew, never ran into any of the bloggers that I had hoped to meet. I bought the Lucet that I went there for, some patterns and then went to Sheep's Clothing (the Morehouse Farm store not far away) on the way home. I bought 3 little kits there, a kerchief, a beret, and some mittens that you put felt on after. Plus, I had picked up my order from Claudia of Countrywool at the fair. Now to knit it all up.


At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice ponchos! You do such a nice job with your knitting and felting.


At 6:36 PM, Blogger Suzanne said...

Thank you. Felting is so much fun.


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