Sunday, October 10, 2004

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

The first poncho is done. Just need to sew in the ends and decide about the button I added at the neck and the fringe. I cast on for the second one (which will be in the smallest size) and finished the neck to that. It will be my lunch knitting and should be done in two weeks or less.

I have about 3 inches to do to finish the back of my nieces sweater. Should be done with that this week so I can start the front. I ordered some more yarn (the chunky Lopi like yarn) from Elann to go with some I had and had ordered a mohair blend in case I needed a contrast yarn for my nieces sweater. But, I think I will just have enough of the original yarn and the new mohair will make a lovely lacy scarf most likely also for my niece.

I also worked on Whitby today and did about 6 rows. I have four more of decreasing for the neck and then about 3 or less inches till the body is done. I had hoped to get it done by Rhinebeck next week but will have to plan for next year or Cummington (MA Sheep and Wool) if it happens to be cool and windy next May like it was this past one.

I also started a DoubleKnitSki hat by Alison of the Blue Blog. I made one last year for my father and this year I am making one for my nephew. It is green and tan as that is the Naturespun I had in the basement that I wanted to use up.


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