Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Well, I have been having a ton of trouble with blogspot and blogger lately so I have another blog at that you can check out. We will see which one I keep.

I have split my nephews sweater for front and back and am working on that. He will be spending the weekend with me so I wng else to work on in front of him.

I finished my niece's garter stitch tank out of Cotton Ease from a FCEK magazine. A picture can be found here:

I also sewed in the lining of her Sophie bag and that is also in the picture.

The orange Sophie bag for my mother is done and a picture will be taken as soon as it is dry and the lining is sewn in.

Whitby has been left out again as I am planning a sweater for my father and a few felted bags to use up some yarn.


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