Saturday, August 21, 2004

Not much knitting going on around here. I have a swollen spot between my first and second knuckle on my hand. Not sure what I did but I think I bent my fingers back and injured the second one. No real pain, just a swollen spot that occasionally hurts when I bend my finger up.

No more progress on my nephew's sweater. My nieces sweater with the yarn from Elann was started and then ripped and then I have been swatching the pattern with another yarn. Will start that up soon. I did finally start my niece's skier hat from Bea Ellis. I made the same one (different color) that I gave to her father last year when she preferred the new color.

I did play with a pocket to try out felting a yarn that I got years ago in a guild auction. It didn't really felt that well when I knit it on the 10.5's but I think it probably would be fine if knit on 8's or 9's. Not sure if I will ever use it though, it may just go to the Salvation Army with some other yarn I have.

This week I do plan on sewing in the lining to my orange Sophie bag for my mother. Have to get some orange thread this weekend.


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