Monday, July 12, 2004

The red grape lace weight is done and drying. It is actually a 2400 yard skein of Moriah that I got from Woodland Woolworks many years ago. It looks gorgeous.

I did start my nephews sweater. It is a Design by Louise pattern. It called for size 10 1/2 needles. I checked my needles and had some addi's (I think) that were 10 1/2 on the package but actually 7 mm where the other 10 1/2 are actually 6.5 mm. I got out my two needle gauges and looked through a few catalogs and decided to wait until I could actually get some 6.5's. So, Sunday morning I went off to Colchester Fabric Mill and got some Susan Bats as I knew they carried them. I now have about 3 - 4 inches done on the body and have left the sweater at my parents cottage to be my weekend knitting. I did also buy 2 small buttons for my Judy Pascale bag.

The bag linings and buttons are sewn on. Both bags look so cute.

Here is the Judy Pascale Elongated Beaded Bag -

Here is the Green Sophie Bag -

I also haven't made any decisions on my niece's sweater but I did rip out Tricot. I plan on eventually making her Tina by Berroco out of the CottonEase, a Fiber Trends T-shirt out of Cotton Fleece and another tank out of CottonEase. Not sure which I want to start first.


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