Friday, June 25, 2004

The first of the Sophie bags are done. I used up the whole skein of yarn. I made the handles about 24 inches long before felting and added a button flap. As it was drying, my mother saw it and then wanted one. I told her that maybe I was already planning hers. So, I have to make 2 more, one for my mother and one for my niece. I do have an extra skein of the color I bought for me but will probably make felted mittens with it.

When I mentioned buying the Canadiana to add to my nephew's sweater, I forgot to add that I also bought some Reynolds Signature in a rust to make me a sweater and then a variegated and matching solid for another baby sweater.

Since finishing Sophie I, I have finished the back of the Judy Pascale Elongated Beaded bag and cast on and have about an inch of the front done. I will eventually head to JoAnne Fabric's and see what I can find to use for handles, I am thinking leather cord or something like that.

I also cast on for my nieces Tricot from MagKnits. I changed the bottom hem and plan to use a placket opening instead of a zipper. I bought some cool buttons and even went back for more (and will probably need 2 more) as I might add slits at the waist and wrists and put buttons there. So far, it is all in my imagination but that is the plan for now.


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