Friday, June 18, 2004

The baby blanket is done. I also finished a baby sweater to go with it. I am presently working on a Sophie bag from MagKnits. I also have yarn to make my mother one. I bought a skein of yarn (Canadiana) to make my the cuffs on my nephews sweater. I have the yarn out for my nieces sweater and plan to cast on today. I meant to last night but was working on Sophie.

The Knitting Guild I go to had it's annual auction Tuesday night. I ended up winning some ribbon type yarn that I plan to use to make a poncho out of an old Vogue Knitting. I was at a LYS last weekend and they had one made from the magazine. I dug mine out and then won the yarn to make it. I may have enough to make another for my niece. The women next to me gave me a little of her winnings, too. Some Aqua Cotton Fleece that will most likely become hats. She also gave me some Aqua/Turqoise that was an almost finished sweater. I plan to rip it out and make a Sophie bag for my niece out of it, as it looks like and feels like Lambs Pride Worsted which will felt nicely.

I have been doing some dyeing in the turkey roaster. I used some Red Grape on some white roving that I found laying around. It came out really pretty with some purple and then lighter pink. Then I found some bumps of a beige/tan/gray roving that I dyed with some Cardinel. It came out with some rust and then darker browns/greys. Very neat looking. I am still working on getting my order ready for some more dyes so I can do up some more that I have in the stash.


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