Thursday, June 03, 2004

Secret Pals revealed.

The person who had me was Carrie at
She has only been knitting a year and has made some great tops.

The person I had is Michelle at She is a knitter/spinner and I have enjoyed her blog as I sent her the secret pal gifts.

I have been working on the baby blanket. I did dig out the yarn for my niece and nephew's sweaters but I need a skein for my nephews unless I did something out of the stash. Not sure what I want to use for the ribbings on his sweater. The pattern calls for a worsted cotton and then the sweater is made in a chunky/bulky weight yarn. I am using up some acrylic (not sure where the sweater will be and who will be washing it) and may just use a worsted acrylic with it instead of cotton.

I did take out the swift and skein winder and wound up all my Cottage Craft and swatched it a little. Ummm, have to start it soon. Well, as soon as I at least get a bit done on my niece and/or nephews b-day sweaters.

I hope to take out the turkey roaster this weekend and dye up a little roving. I have to order my dyes but I found 2 packages that I can play with now. Plus 6 more that I plan to use after I spin the yarn and then I will dye it and then it will become a sweater from an old knitters.

So nice to be energized and raring to go fiberwise.


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