Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The poncho is done. I ended up adding the two triangles into the front V's and then picked up stitches along the shoulders and made a strip on each side. It now fits fine and I wore it to a guild meeting last night. A picture of the poncho is at my website:

I have one sleeve of the top down almost done and I think I may just have enough yarn without adding the additional color at the ribbings. Pattern calls for 1200 and I have about 1030 but I also want to make it about 3 - 4 inches shorter so it just might work out.

Haven't ripped out the Must Have yet or started any of the gifts I need to make. I have to pick up the yarn for a baby blanket within the next 2 days so I can at least start that. I did start a preemie hat today to get done for next months Guild meeting.


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