Sunday, November 01, 2009

Bee Button Baby Cardigan

I had the buttons first and had to make a child's sweater for them. The pattern is a Yankee Knitter pattern. The buttons make it a little hard on the yarn to button them so I will have to pass that on to the new owner.

I have two more projects ready to post. The shawl is still not blocked. Just haven't felt like it.

Yesterday, I woke with a cough but spent the day at the outlets with two friends. Came home tired from all the walking with the cough and a headache and went to bed early. I must have not felt well as I didn't even stay up to watch the Yankee game. Today, I added the runny nose to the cough. Have slight headache but it is mostly around my nose and sinus's. Yech, just want a need is a cold. I don't get a bad one that often so I shouldn't complain. I already had a stomach bug last spring so I hope my bugs are done for the year.

I have cast on my mother's vest but haven't gotten past the garter stitch band. At work, I have been making a few catnip mice for my mother's church fair and some for my cats. I found out about another new baby coming so I am planning a hat for that one. I have a vest already to start for me but I can't find the stitch markers I need so I ordered some more and they should arrive in a week. I really need to get a good start on my mother's anyway so maybe this week, I can buckle down.


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