Saturday, November 21, 2009

Spiraluscious Cowl

This is the Spiraluscious Cowl by Knitspot.  The yarn is one skein (about 200 yards) of Spirit Trail Fiberworks sock yarn.  The yarn I have had for many years.  Probably the first yarn I ever bought from Spirit Trail.  I needed a quick project to work on in October for a Spinning guild meeting and it took less than a week to knit.  Not sure who is getting it, for now it will go in the bucket of finished goods.

I am still working on my mother's vest and my sister's scarf.  Our office is closed for the week of Thanksgiving and I had already put in for Monday the 30th, so I don't have to go back till December 1st. 

It will be a busy week as Monday, we are getting together with a few of the co-workers who were let go and we are meeting at a co-workers house.  It should be nice, it is a potluck lunch.  Then Tuesday, I plan to go to Knitting Tuesday morning meeting at my favorite yarn shop.  I never get to go so this will be nice.  I hope to go when my office is closed of the Xmas/New Years holiday, too.

I hope to get to knit a bit also and get some holiday shopping done.


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