Sunday, September 23, 2007

A new project joined the queue

After seeing that Donna started a Sivia Harding project, I had to add one to the queue. I was at a not really that LYS and saw the Malabrigio lace (which I love the feel of) so I bought it and the pattern even though I think I already own the pattern. I have 2 more colors of the Malabrigio in the stash, 2 of a purple and 1 of a turquoise mix (or vice versa) that I picked up at knitting camp in July.
MS3 is on hold. Hanami is on hold while I finish a baby gift. I finished my red scarf for the Red Scarf project. Have to remember to take a picture before I mail that out this week. I started another Sweet Baby cap for charity knitting and donated the first one at a Knitting Guild meeting last week. Now, I need to start 3 scaves for my hairdresser and her two daughters, they will all be the same and the same yarn, too. Usually I just make the girls the same thing and their mother something else. I need to start my list of Xmas knitting so I can start checking some off the list. My mother announced that she wants another felted bag and she wants it a certain way, she has been going through the yarn catalogs pointing ones out that she likes.


At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Donna said...

I haven't tried the Malabrigo yet, but it sure is pretty!


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