Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for May 20th is 10 Things You Want to Try. It could be foods, hobbies, travels - the sky is the limit on this one!

1)  More cooking - I want to try some new recipes.
2)  Needle Felting - I've done it before at the spinning guild I used to belong to.  But, I went to a Felting store in Easthampton, MA and will be taking a class this summer on needle felting a sheep.
I can't wait to make the sheep.  I have a few kits from previous festivals that I want to find and do after I attend the class.
3)  Double Drive on the Ladybug wheel - I plan on having my friend Kim help me set it up so I can play at dd all summer.
4)  Toe up socks - I haven't tried this yet but I do want to soon.
5)  Magic Loop Socks - I recently bought some needles so now just need to try it.
6)  Strength Training - I do a little now with a Tony Little bar with stretchy bands.  I have a DVD and kettleball and want to try that out this Spring/Summer.
7)  Books on Tape - I want to try listening to a book this summer.  I have doubts of my ability to actually pay attention to the story while I am knitting or spinning.
8)  Yogo - I went a few years ago and have a few DVD's but want to schedule at least one weekly session either at a yoga place or with the DVD's.
9)  Photography - I want to play more with my camera's and eventually want to get a Nikon that will use all my old lenses from my film camera.
10)  Organizing the stash - this weekend I started and consolidated 3 buckets into 2.  The yarn that was pulled out will either be donated or given to my sister or some friends. 


At 10:01 AM, Blogger kathy b said...

One of the only books on tape I've listened to : Cold Sassy Tree. Narrated by John boy walton. SUch a great book!

At 5:36 PM, Blogger Linda said...

I've been listening to books on tape for many years now. But only in the car. They are especially great for when I take trips to Ohio on my own. Keeps me alert - and makes me feel like I have someone with me - LOL!

Linda in VA


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