Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 1/25 is 10 Favorite Health and Beauty Products.

Ok, I am not a make-up person and never wear any but here are some favorites of mine.  Hopefully, I will find a good moisturizer on other people's lists to try out.

1)  Sleep - I don't get enough, I am not a good sleeper anymore.  Kayla, the cat above sleeps just fine.
2)  Water - I drink a lot of water a day and am always telling others to drink more.
3)  Philosophy 3 in 1's (shampoo, Shower gel, bubble bath) - currently using Chocolate Covered Cherry, have Carrot Cake waiting along with others.  I have been giving these to my sister and niece for years.  Started by getting my sister Cinnamon Buns years ago and my niece wanted it but my sister took it to
work for the gym.  Now they both get them every year.  I was on auto delivery through QVC a couple of times and have quite a stash which is almost depleted now.
4)  Yes to Carrots - lip balm

I love hand cream so here are a few of my favorites:

5)  Philosophy Snow Mittens - hand cream.  I have the Snow Shoes foot cream too but haven't tried it yet.
6)  L'Occitane - hand cream
7)  Avon Gardenia Hand cream - this is no longer available and I have one at work that I am squeezing every last little bit out.

A few other favs:

8)  Clear Care - for my contacts
9)  Aquafresh - Extreme Clean toothpaste
10 Oral-B Glide dental floss

Also the usual, q-tips, deodorant (usually whats on sale), shampoo and conditioner (also whats on sale), body lotions (whatever I have on hand), clear nail polish (usually Sally Hanson).


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