Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 1/11 is Ten Way to be More Organized.

This is more about things I do or try to do to organize my things.

1)  Throw away junk mail immediately after getting the mail.
2)  Have a special spot for bills and saved information.
3)  Put clothes in their proper place, not on the book case at the foot of the bed.  I've gotten better, just a  
      few things there.
4)  Clean out the clothes and donate to charity.  I have been doing this.
5)  Clean out the books - I have also been doing this and donating.  Need to do more.

Knitting/Spinning Wise
6)  Organize yarn - I have mine all in numbered buckets with a notebook that lists what's in each one.
     Doesn't always work as I still have yarn in my room that isn't tracked in the notebook.  Need to go
     through and donate some.
7)  Organize spinning fiber - this I really haven't been that good at.  My mother's closet in the den is loaded
     with fiber.  The spinning wheel is coming back up this Sunday (after company on Sat night) and I do plan
     to start with what is in that closet.
8)  Keep knitting needles organized - somewhat done, circulars are stored in a Bass Pro Shops bait bag.
     Addi Lace needles are in their own circular needle organizer.  Straights are in a few containers - a basket,
     a Wile Coyote water glass, another glass.  Sock needles - some are in a plastic small three drawer
     plastic thing, need to organize the rest.
9)  Keep patterns organized - most are in binders in a bookshelf my father built.  But, I do have a large
     plastic bucket filled with patterns, printed from web patterns and a few pattern books that I need to go
     through.  Some will be donated, some bad copies from an old printer will be thrown out, some will go
     into the binders.
10)  Organize books and magazines - need to do more work on these, I have them in bookcases and piled


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