Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday Topic for 1/4 is Ten Things You Wouldn't Want to Live Without.

1)  my cats - Kayla (the occasional cuddler in very short spurts), Juliet (the bed buddy when she decides to
     sleep on the bed) and Jensen (the old man - 17 who comes around for a little scritch every now and
     then).  For the past two weeks, we have also had Bernice the Goldfish that I inherited when a co-worker
     left for a new job.
2)  my car - need it to get to yarn shops and sheep festivals and work to pay for all the rest.
3)  my stash - it may be too large but it comes in handy when money is in short supply.
4)  my Ipod Nano - for podcasts to listen to at lunch at work.
5)  my Ipod Touch - for games and other Apps.
6)  my library card - to read all the books that I don't have money to buy or room to store or don't know if
     I will like a book.
7)  my digital camera(s) - to take pictures of knitting and friends and family and scenery.
8)  indoor plumbing - did the outhouse in the past when camping or at relatives in VT when we were hanging
     out at their Sugar House helping (in our own way) to make maple syrup (which surprisingly, I have never
9)  my computer - don't know what I would do without the connection to online knitters.  Finally got my
     sister to join Ravelry over the holiday break.  Forced her to create a Flickr account so that I don't have to
     do everything connected to it for her.
10)  Food - need it to survive, money - need it to buy things, health insurance - need it to keep track of the
       health.  I'm sure I missed a few things and will remember all of them when I am reading everyone else's


At 11:52 PM, Blogger Cheryl S. said...

Indoor plumbing!!! Excellent!!

You have a fluffy orange kitty like I do.


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