Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Home with a free from work "ice" day off.

´╗┐The Ten on Tuesday Topic for 1/18 is 10 Favorite Games from your Childhood.

1)  Chutes and Ladders
2)  Life
3)  Perfection
4)  Uno - used to play with my Aunt in VT.
5)  Monopoly - I don't remember every winning much.
6)  Yahtzee - even had handhelds of this game.
7)  Othello
8)  Boggle - maybe this one is why I am addicted to Book Worm on the Ipod Touch, words, words, words.
9)  Operation - buzz, buzz, sometimes I think we hit the side on purpose.

From probably teenager on up.  More than 10 as I still play these ones today.

10)  Backgammon - my parents have a cottage at a lake, and when I was a teenager I met a family from Fl whose Grandparents had a cottage at the lake.  I hung out with a son and a daughter of the group.  The son introduced me to Backgammon.  By the time I graduated from high school, I had three versions, a travel one, a board game and a large one stored in a case.  I also in the past had a hand held game verion.  Now, I still have a version on my cell phone, and one for the Nintendo Ds (or whatever it is called).  I don't think we played the correct way with doubling or anything but we had fun in our own way.

11)  Solitaire - any type, I play daily on my computer and on a handheld game.  I remember playing in VT at my cousin's grandparents house next door.  I would be sitting across from their grandmother and we would both be playing solitaire.  My father still plays every day at the kitchen table. 

12)  Mahjonng - I have a version on an old cellphone that I still play with even though it is no longer a working cell phone.  I also have it on my cell phone.

We also did a lot of puzzles when I was younger on into my 20's.  My sister and I used to give each other a puzzle for Christmas and we would start on it right after the dishes were cleared from dinner.  We still have a lot of puzzles and I noticed two in our cellar unopened that my father must have picked up at a tag sale and I think we are going to do them soon.


At 5:30 PM, Blogger Mary said...

this is a fun list! I played lots of backgammon in college, but I'm not even sure I remember the rules now... and I've always wanted to learn mah jongg - the tiles are so pretty!


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