Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 12/21 is 10 Last Minute Gift Ideas.

1)  Store Gift Cards
2)  Restaurant Gift Cards
3)  Hand knit a hat - almost done with my nephew's hat number 2 - yarn above
4)  Knit a scarf - I hope to knit Knitspot's Keyhole Cable scarf
5)  Candy
6)  Pastries
7)  a Fruit Basket
8)  a plant
9)  Flowers
10)  Money

I'm all done except for the knitting but depending on what day the holiday falls, I used to go to the mall or a Kohl's and watch the people srambling to get their gifts bought.  I don't have any plans to do that this
year, see number 3 and 4 above.  Have to get at least the hat done, the scarf is an extra and I have yarn planned for 3 more of them.


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