Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday Topic for 12/14 is Ten Things On Your To-Do List.

1) Knit my nephew's Pokemon hat and hope my design works out.

2) Buy a gift card for my father.

3) Buy a gift card for my niece.

4) Find something else for my nephew.

5) Wrap gifts for co-workers and get their Xmas cards ready.

6) Wrap all the gifts for my family.

7) Get hair cut and deliver my hairdresser's gift (this was done after work today before I posted this tonight).

8) Have lunch with an ex co-worker (if not this week, the week after Xmas)

9) Get to Petco to see if I can find some more kitty presents.

10) Get through these last 7 work days till Holiday break. They are busy (my main co-worker is on vacation
       till January so I have her staff to support also) yet sometimes seem to drag.


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