Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

´╗┐The Ten on Tuesday topic for 11/30 is 10 Favorite Places for Online Shopping.  Most of my online shopping is fiber related for me or gifts for family members.

1) QVC - I am a junky, Kathy Van Zeeland handbags, Denim and Co clothing, etc.

2) The Loopy Ewe - yarn, patterns, etc.

3) Borders, B & N, and Amazon - books

4) The Woolen Rabbit - yarn which is yummy and Wee Bunny Bags - so cute

5) Spunky Eclectic - fiber and yarn

6) Knitspot - patterns - beautiful shawls, scarves, sweaters and socks. Very clear instructions.

7) LL Bean - great items and free shipping.

8) Etsy Shops - Wee Ones stitch markers - so cute, The Painted Sheep (she is local though so I get mine at Spinning Guild meetings), Fearless Fibers - lovely yarn, there are more, just can't remember right now.

9) Elann - yarn, patterns, etc.

10) Woolgirl - I have become addicted to the kits she offers, so much fun.

I'm done shopping except for a few gift cards.  Now to have it all arrive and then wrapped.  I tend to wait to Xmas eve and then just do a wrapping marathon but I think I will try to be different this year and wrap it up as I go.  We work with a local charity at work and have an adopted family.  I did my shopping on Wednesday before Thanksgiving even though I might have saved about $2 to $4 if I waited till Black Friday.  For the first time in years, I did not go to Kohl's on Black Friday.  I really didn't miss it and I liked the shopping I did instead.


At 6:43 PM, Blogger Kathy said...

Love your list. Im off to the WOolen Rabbit


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