Sunday, November 28, 2010

Legwarmers pair 2

These are the second pair of legwarmers.  They are for my hairdresser's younger daughter.  They are a relatively quick knit when I actually work on them.

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend.  My niece seems to have inherited her fathers yell at the TV during a football game genes.  All during the turkey dinner and after, she commented at the TV.  It was interesting.  She and her brother left after the game to visit their father so it was quiet in the house and I knit some.

My sister and I went shopping on Black Friday but it was mostly personal purchases for me.  She went shopping early and then I went to her house for 9:30.  We went to the mall that I passed on the way to her house and I bought myself a book at Borders (I can't resist the 40% off coupons).  She went to Macy's to get a gift for my niece.  Then we went to Dick's Sporting Goods (we parked above their store) and I bought her a bike helmet for my parents to give her for Xmas.  After that, we went off to the bead store so she could get a tube of beads, then to Coldwater Creek where we did very good.  I bought myself a tshirt and fleece shirt.  She picked out a sweater for my mother to give her for Xmas.  I got my mother a pair of earrings for Xmas and myself a pair of earrings which my father took to give to me.  With discounts and other stuff, it came to about $40.  We then went to a yarn shop and I bought some sale yarn and some Malabrigo sock which I can't seem to resist.  My sister had heard about a Moebius and wanted to make one.  She picked up some yarn and then Saturday she picked up the needles and she has already cast on.  I made one years ago but didn't have the size needles she needed.  I am mostly done with shopping except for a few gift cards that I will get later on.

For knitting, I finished the legwarmers above and cast on number one of the last pair.  Traveling Woman came off the blocking board today.  I finally cast on for hat number 1 for my nephew.  I think it is all going to work out but we shall see.  I haven't touched any other knitting at all.  Still planning sweaters in my head. 


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