Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday Topic for 11/9 is 10 Dream Vacations. I don't like to fly so most of mine are around the east coast.

1) A week or long weekend at the Trapp Family lodge in VT. When my aunt was alive, we went up there to take pictures almost every time I was up there visiting.

2) Nantucket - have been here for a few hours, took the boat from the Cape over and back.

3) Martha's Vineyard - never been, want to go.

4) Maine - Bar Harbor and Arcadia National Park, haven't been in years, want to go back.

5) Newfoundland - have always wanted to go here.

6) Nova Scotia - I had read about a boat that you put your car on and ride over and I would like to do that though I don't know anyone else who thinks that would be fun.

7) Canada - need to get a passport but I when I graduated from high school, my gift was an airline ticket to Toronto and back. I stayed with a girl in Ontario that I met at my parents cottage (she was in the big brother/big sister program and her big sister had a sister who has a cottage where my parent's is and we
met there).

8) Alaska - if I was going to fly, this is where I want to go with a cruise included.

9) Vancouver and Banff - Vancouver looks beautiful and my sister has been to Banff.

10) Australia, Ireland, Scotland - if I'm going to fly, I went to head off and see the countryside and just explore.


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