Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

The start of the Mara Shawl.

The Ten on Tuesday Topic for 9/14 is 10 Reasons to Watch Football.

Back in the Joe Montana days, I loved football. Had Joe Montana shirts, posters, etc. I even followed him to the Chiefs and to this day, I root against the 49's as they let him go. After he retired, I rooted on John Elway. After he retired, I gave up football. I am still waiting to find another quaterback that just calls to be and then I will be following it again. But anyway, here's my list:

1)  Cute players in tight pants.

2)  Can knit and watch the game

3) the excitement of the game, sometimes no one will look at you strange if you yell at the TV.

4) the announcers depending on who they are, some are entertaining

5) we just got a new channel this weekend which will show UConn football games so now I can watch the
    college games when they aren't on regular channels. This may make me a college football fan, I'm really
    not and am not sure if I want to be.

6) the fans when they scan the crowd

7) the snacks, nothing like a football game, to just sit and snack

8) for College Football - the bowl games

9) Super Bowl parties

10) Super Bowl ads - my favorite are the Budweiser Horses ones.
That's about it.  I am currently not that much of a fan but since it is nice to knit and watch and the sports I do watch, baseball, nascar and tennis are almost over, this may be it. Of course, once as college basketball starts, I will watch that, boys or girls, any team that's on tv.


At 5:18 PM, Anonymous Kim said...

Have you seen this one - my personal favorite. :-)



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