Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

These are flowers my father planted around a tree in the front yard.  I had been planning all summer to take pictures and the long weekend was the perfect time.

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 9/7 is 10 Things to Do Before the End of Summer.

1) Go out for Ice Cream at least once to one of the places that is either only open till October or I only get to
    during the summer.

2) At least start another book from my summer reading list

3) Clean ups some stuff in my room so I can bring up my Grandma's old rocking chair, nothing to do with
     summer but I had been meaning to get it done by now.

4) Wear some of my summer tops that I somehow forgot about in the closet.

5) Paint my toenails a color I haven't used yet this summer

6) Make some lemonade or ice tea, I tend to stop after summer ends.

7) Make some more smoothies as I also stop making these.

8) Take some pictures with my new camera, I've had it for at least a month or more and only took it out  
    of the box the day it arrived.

9) Finish up some of the knititng I stared over the summer, this should be do-able, only a few rows left on a

10) Go for a nice walk.
Still knitting, started a Mara shawl out of some leftover Cascade 220 as it was sitting in the den since I finished the vest I made with it and I didn't want to look at it anymore.  A few rows left on Azzu's shawl.  The Red Scarf Project scarf is coming along slowly at work. 
I have also been reading, we had half day Friday's during the summer and it was nice as I could go to the library on my way home.  The library is now back on their Saturday hours starting this weekend so I can go then if I need to.


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