Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

A little late, but I am only on the computer after work.  Tonight we celebrated my father's birthday (it's really tomorrow) so I am on a little later than usual.

Here's my ten. I don't have children so this is based on my niece (21) and nephew (19).

Topic is 10 Ways to Entertain a Child
1) Teach them to knit - did this with the niece, didn't work.

2) Read to them - did this though neither is that fond of reading now though my niece has started to read more recently.

3) Take them the park - did this with them.

4) Take them to the movies - took them both to a Disney movie when they were younger (3 and 5 or so), they both fell asleep and I finally gave up on waking them up and just watched it myself.

5) Take them for ice cream - we have a local spot open in the summer that is kind of like a Dairy Queen but privately owned. We know the owner and she always liked to see the kids.

6) Do puzzles - we loved puzzles in our house and my sister and I used to give them to each other at Xmas and then we would start them after dinner. Continued with the kids when they were little.

7) Play in the back yard - we bought my nephew a boomarang and other outside toys and would play on holidays. It lasted till the boomarang ended up in a tree.

8 Play jewelry store - my niece liked this when she was little with Grandma's jewelry.

9) Wash dishes - my niece liked to do that when she was in elementary school and younger.

10) Wow made it to 10, I used to take my niece to Mystic Aquarium every year on her bithday or around her birthday until she was around 6. It would be just us and we would go out to eat and then look at that fish.


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