Sunday, June 06, 2010

I'm Kayla and I am now two!

I'm Kayla and I am 2 this week.  She came from a rescue group that works with the one I got my other kitty from and from what they can figure, she was born the first week of June.  She likes to be petted and doesn't play as much as her sister.  I bought a laser pointer toy at the pet store for her but she doesn't even see it.  Her sister goes crazy chasing it around.  Kayla would rather play in the bathtub or sink.  She likes dripping water.

Citron is still the work project.  I think it should be finished in about 2 weeks.  I should finish section 5 by next weekend and then the ruffle I hope I can finish in a little over a week.  I tried figuring out how many rows I could knit at lunch every day so I hope I can get it done so I can block it.

Sock one of my Dolomite Socks by Knitspot is done and I am on the foot of sock two.  These socks have a short row heel which I have never done before and sock 2 looks better than sock one which is fine as I consider it a learning experience trying out the different types of heels.  I am starting to plan the next pair of socks now and have an idea but just need to look through the yarn stash for a suitable yarn.  I haven't touched the top down sweater at all.

Camp is coming up and I am trying to plan my projects out.  I think I will have a pair of socks and a shawl with me but maybe also a sweater for my mother.  It depends on the weather and how hot or cold it will be.  Last year it was more on the chilly side.  I think just about 80 with a breeze and low humidity would be perfect.


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