Sunday, June 20, 2010

Citron number 2

Here's Citron number 2.  This one is for my mother.  The ruffle is a little short, but it is fine.  So glad to be done with it.  I think that is it for me, 2 Citron's was enough. 

The Seed Stitch Cardigan (vest) is done and will have pictures in a few days. 

I haven't started the Jelly Bean socks yet but will before I go to camp.  Think I will make them my camp knitting socks.  I am still planning what to bring to camp.  I am going to start a sweater for my mother so that will be one thing, plus the socks and then a shawl.  My plan all along has been to bring Hamamelis to camp, the yarn has been sitting in my room for a few months.  Three is enough though I may throw something else in the car as a just in case I don't like anything I am kniting and need to have something else there to knit.

Work knitting is still Multnomah, I am on the lace part now and have about 38 rows to go.  The Lady Bertram I am still on the plain section but have about 9 rows till I get to the lace on that one.  I think I will just work on these two so that I can have them ready for camp.  Well, Multnomah will be done by camp, Lady Bertram maybe depending on how it goes.  Have to get them done with enough to block which is what may hold me back. 

Seems strange to only have 2 things on the needle though I would like to go back to just having one item of each category on the needles that I had started doing before.  That was one small item, one gift, one sweater, one shawl so that I could get things finished up.  I may have to pull out my Silk Diamond Scarf from a class I took a few years ago and work on that this summer.  I have been thinking about it and if I didn't rip it out (have to find it) I think I will pull it out to work on over the summer.


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