Sunday, February 07, 2010


The top one is another Seafoam scarf in some sock yarn that I had in the stash.  It was intended for another project, but that was ripped out and it was just waiting for another pattern to come along.  It will go to a friend at work for her birthday this week.  The hat is going to her daughter who received the yellow sweater I knit with the bumblebee buttons on it at her baby shower.

I am still on the ruffle on Citron.  It has become my work project and would have been done by now as I was getting almost 3 rows done at work during the week.  But, then came Thursday when we had to work through lunch and stay late and I took a half day on Friday so I haven't touched it.  I will start up again on it on Tuesday at work.

I think my Olympic knitting is down to a pair of socks, size 4 needles.  Maybe also a baby sweater so I can get a gift done early.  I am off of work tomorrow so I plan on getting it all set up and put in a knitting bag ready to go.

I finished and returned the borrowed New Moon and Eclipse books.  Yeah, so glad they are done.  I have ordered The Help and that should come this week.  Right now I am reading Those Who Save Us. 

I had planned to get more done today but I have been mostly watching the news (or checking the internet) about an explosion at a power plant this morning.  We heard the loud bang and didn't know what it was until I saw it scroll on the bottom of the TV screen.  I used to work in that area but didn't realize they were building a new power plant.  Scary stuff.

I do hope to get some knitting done during the Super Bowl.  I have started working again on my seed stictch top down sweater. I can't wait to be done with the yoke so I can just move onto the body.  The yoke is about 50 rows but it seems to take forever.


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