Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Nottingham Hats

These two were finished before 2009 ended.  One is for a co-worker who will be welcoming a baby girl into the family in February.  The other is for the friend in NY state that I knit up some of her mother in law's yarn  that I mentioned in previous posts.  She sent me a holiday card with a surprise of a quite generous check to thank me for all the knitting I did with that yarn for her little girl.  When she asked me to knit up the yarn for her she wanted to thank me with a gift certificate to my favorite yarn shop but she never got around to doing it.  I am to use the money to buy myself something knitting related.  I am sure that won't be a problem but I am going to make sure it is very special and something that I really want.  I also have a scarf I made that is pink but it is a little large for the little girl (almost 2) so she can save that for her when she gets older.  I eeked out the two hats from one skein of Vanna's Choice baby.  It was close at the end but I made it with a few yards to spare and leaving out one row on the child size hat.  The other one is toddler size.

I ended up casting on the top down sweater around the new year.  I have since also cast on Citron with yarn I ripped out last week.  They are both brown and then my work knitting scarf is a multicolor.

Spring Things is blocking as we speak.  That should be off this weekend and then the two pieces of the Fiddlesticks stole will go on.    It feels like such an accomplishment even though Spring Things has been finished for months.


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