Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

My mother, my sister and I up on the farm in VT.

The Ten on Tuesday Topic for 6/28 is 10 Favorite Things About the Fourth of July.  We really don't celebrate it like we did when I was younger.  But, here are some past favorite things.

1)  Fireworks on the beach.  My parents have a cottage at a lake and when I was a kid, some of the parents used to shoot them off over the lake.  Now, at home, we have neighbors who shoot them in their front yard and they are going to start a fire one of thes years.  Last year they must have hit their truck as the alarm
went off when no one was near the car.
2)  Parades - I used to go to VT to visit my Aunt and Uncle and their town, Cabot, had a parade every 4th.
3)  Sparklers - used to love these.
4)  A day off from work, always enjoy that.
5)  Seeing the flags lining the streets in the small towns.
6)  Food - Hotdogs and Hamburgers - seems to just say 4th holiday. 
7)  Fireworks at other places - In VT, we'd go to see the fireworks.  Fun to watch the kids "oh" and "ah" at them.
8)  Fireworks on TV - now I usually watch these if I remember.  Not a fan of the big bang fireworks.  I like all the colors instead.
9)  Ice Cream - not just for the 4th but seems to go with the holiday.  Especially the ice cream truck treats.
10)  My Aunt's b-day was the 3rd so that was another thing to celebrate around the 4th.


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