Sunday, June 12, 2011

Japanese Garden Shawl

This is the Japanese Garden Shawl by Wendyknits.  Not a good picture, it's been dark and dreary when I am trying to get a decent picture of it.  It was a fun knit.  The yarn is some Heritage Sock in Purple.  I had two skeins so will make another shawl or something with the extra skein.

The Summer Mystery Shawl also by Wendyknits is done and blocking.  I have started a LOVe Shawlette by Knitspot out of some Sanguine Gryphon Bugga in Chickweed Geometer Butterfly, a pretty orangey color.  I plan to start a Tomato sweater by Wendy Bernard out of some Apple Green Reynolds Saucy this afternoon.

Work knitting may go back to the Morehouse scarf.  I do have a baby sweater to make but haven't started that yet.  My Vacation is a few weeks away and I am mentally trying to figure out what to bring for my projects.  I usually bring an easy project and then a harder project and then an extra project or two just in case the main ones don't work out.  Last year I brought along a Hamamelis shawl by Kristin Kapur and didn't do a thing so that is still waiting for me so that may be one project I bring.  I also have a few of her other shawls queued up so that may change.


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