Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 5/24 is Ten Favorite Mail Order Catalogs.

We don't get as many as in the past but there are the ones I have seen around in the past year that I actually look at.

1)  LL Bean - though I sometimes just tend to go to the outlet store.
2)  Coldwater Creek - haven't ever ordered but do go to their stores a couple times a year.
3)  Patternworks - love their knitting gadgets.
4)  Ikea - good to look at before hitting the store.
5)  JC Penney - though I think they are doing away with this one.  I always liked it for window treatements.
6)  WEBS - like to see what new patterns they have before I visit the store.
7)  The Woolery - haven't gotten it in a while but love to look at spinning stuff.
8)  Keepsake Quilting - I don't quilt, not sure how we got on the list but my mother occasionally will order something.
9)  Yarn Barn of Kansas - like to look at though I think I've only ordered once.
10)  King Arthur Flour - this may be my fathers favorite, he orders from it.  I just like to look at it.


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