Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day - Florafil Scarf

Here's the Florafil Scarf.  The yarn is the Textured Yarn Company Florafil Super Soft Cotton Yarn and it was a pattern to go with the yarn.  A quick knit.  My mother got it for Mother's Day along with a cactus (I was on a hunt for a African Violet in a certain color but couldn't find one - my sister did so she has the new color she wanted).  It was funny as the same thing must have happened last year as she already has the exact same cactus.  I also gave her a bag that was in the Mother's Day Kit from The Loopy Ewe.  It has people with bodies made from fruit on it.  It's a cute bag and she likes it.

Current knitting is still the top down sweater and the Japanese Garden Shawl.  I've finally split off the sleeves on the sweater so that should go much quicker now.  Weeknights, I do 2 rows on the shawl and then 2 rows on the sweater.  This weekend was mostly the sweater along with starting a Spa Day Facecloth for work knitting.

I have shawl patterns swirling around in my head and just want to plan more and more of them.  I have a few matched up in my head and they will be getting lined up soon.  I've also been thinking sweaters but haven't made any decisions on them. I need to do a few more Ravelry searches to see what new comes up.

Happy Mother's Day to all them moms out there.  I'm only a Mom to my cats but my niece got me a cute pair of earrings and a nice card today.


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