Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 5/3 is 10 Favorite Birds.  I like to watch the birds.  I'm not too fond of them at 5AM when they are chirping away outside my bedroom window.  Some of them have built a nest in a vent in the attic right above my window and they chirp away.  There are also about 5 birdhouses with little bird families in them that are in the backyard not far from my window.  Once as I am up, they stop chirping.

1)  Cardinals - mama and papa, I like them both.

2)  Hummingbirds - my Aunt in VT had Hummingbird feeders outside her living room window.  They were so cute.

3)  Woodpeckers - there is one in the woods next to our office building.  We usually hear him and then search till we find him.  Not sure what kind it is.

4)  Red Tailed Hawks - they are occasionally flying overhead at work.  I try not to think that they are really after my little bunny friends that live in the woods by my window.

5)  Chicadees - they are just cute.

6)  Robins - they are my sign that spring is coming.
7)   Swans - there is a pond by my favorite LYS and there are a pair of swans in residence there.

8)  Blue Jays - I like their color.
9)  Nuthatches - cute
10)  The yellow bird (pictured above) - not sure if it is actually a Goldfinch or some other bird.


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