Sunday, May 01, 2011

Monkey Bread Hat and Scarf FO's

These are the Monkey Bread Hat and Scarf by Knitspot.  A fun knit.  The yarn, not so much.  The yarn was Schoeller+Stahl Ronda in a pretty gray.  It had a lot of knots and areas of really think fiber.  There was one section of really thin yarn in the first hat I made but that was frogged and that yarn was reknit into something else. 
I have also finished a baby hat in the past few days.  The cardigan is still slowly coming along, just about 2 rows a day.  Lunch knitting is a Florafil scarf.  It's a cotton yarn that reminds me of Cotton 100 but it is a little thicker. It's a beautiful multi color pink, orange, white.  I should finish it during lunch tomorrow or Tuesday.  It may be a Mother's day gift for my mother or I may keep it.  The child's vest I mentioned previously was started and ripped and the yarn will be donated.  I didn't like knitting it at all.  Also just started a dishcloth which will also be lunch knitting.

I'm back in shawl mode though and have about 3 lined up.  First up is the Japanese Garden Shawl by Wendy Johnson. I just finished casting on the almost 300 stitches.  The Hamamelis shawl is also going to finally get started.  It was supposed to be camp knitting last summer but I never got around to it.  I also want to make an Andrea's Shawl.  These two are by Kristen Kapur of Through the Loops.  Then I bought the Hitchhiker pattern at a local shop this weekend.  They bought a bunch to sell from the shop which is great as I don't think I've bought a foreign pattern through Ravelry yet.  I have two yarns that would work for it so I might make 2, one as a gift.


At 10:28 AM, Blogger Cheryl S. said...

Nice set! I particularly love how the hat looks. I wish I liked wearing berets, because that one is gorgeous.


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